Join us in the beautiful north woods of Minnesota at one of the area’s newest event venues, Little Lazy Lodge. This retreat will provide the perfect atmosphere for three days and two nights of energizing discussions, hands-on learning and plenty of downtime to recharge.



Ali Hormann is a wedding photographer in St. Paul and specializes in creating authentic and storied images. She is married to someone she finds to be a total stud and is mom to Soren, Aksel, and Jude. She learned how to use her camera out of spite, it's really a funny story and she'd love to tell it to you over a glass of wine or a good IPA. She believes that the end goal of wedding photography is becoming friends with her brides and having them over for dinner. She is an optimistic cynic, an adventure-loving homebody, a feminine feminist, and doesn't think anyone should be put into one specific box or label. She understands the transforming power of morning coffee, good storytelling, and a well-made brownie.


Megan Kellin


Captain of the Lake + Co. helm, Megan has a zest for big ideas but knows the difference is in the details.  Driven by vision and obsessed with the journey, she believes in the power of enthusiasm, grit, and family.  She thrives in awkward moments and has stories about real-life unicorns.  Her every mission is to align people and places around purpose, create connection, and inspire action.  Always a hand in the air for unabashed and those willing to take a chance, and another for those who understand that good work happens because of good people.

Christina Monson


Christina is a self-proclaimed slave to the English language and loves every second of it.  Raised in NE Iowa, her work ethic is second to none and she can take all the IA jokes you can throw at her because that’s what strong Iowans do.  With a long, monotonous background in details and agency work, she finally found her sweet spot in obsessing over the use of the Oxford comma and catching grammatical faux pas that never (finders crossed) make it onto the pages of the Lake + Co. magazines. MN now has the heart of Christina, her husband, Chris, their sweet daughter, Ella (6), and their silly snuggly son, Kiel (4 mo.)



Julie joined the Entrepreneur Fund team in the spring of 2017 as a Business Advisor on the Iron Range. She works with small business owners to achieve their business goals. Julie provides direct counseling, guides client development, and serves as a trusted advisor to her clients. Prior to joining the Entrepreneur Fund, Julie actively worked in supporting Iron Range tourism projects - specific to Giants Ridge, and has small business ownership experience as part of her family businesses in both the landscaping industry and art distribution.

Kelly Kabotoff


Kelly is the buyer and manager of The Lake + Co. Shop.  She’s also a visionary when it comes to Lake + Co. and all things business.  Passionate about frowing the North through entrepreneurship and community collaboration, she’s applying her expertise from working in marketing, merchandising, and franchise development for the last 10 years in Denver, CO.  Having returned to her roots, she now lives in Grand Rapids with her husband, Scott, and their four children, ages 10, 7, 5, and 1. She’s never bored and is always in need of another hand…or a glass of wine.


OCTOBER 9TH - 11TH, 2018