Join us in the beautiful north woods of Minnesota at one of the area’s newest event venues, Little Lazy Lodge. Situated on Boy River, Little Lazy Lodge will provide the perfect atmosphere for three days and two nights of energizing discussions, hands-on learning and plenty of downtime to recharge.


Megan Kellin - Founder + Publisher

Christina Monson - Editor-in-chief

Stories are everything. They are the makeup of our past which shapes our present and future. Whether or not we tell our story is one thing but it's the fiber of our being. It is also the backbone to our business. Lake + Co. Publisher Megan Kellin and Editor-in-chief Christina Monson will speak to the power of story, keys to uncovering yours, and how to get published.

"The Fine Print" 

CPA Counsel

The nitty gritty details you need to know about your business’ finances from a small business consulting expert.

"Survival Skills"

Ali Hormann

Owner of Ali Hormann Photography

Ali will be sharing hidden gems that she wishes she would have known when she started her business. Covering topics like finding and using your voice, client experience, how to work with models, and business sustainability.

"Treating Your Business Like a Business"

Kelly Kabotoff

Director of reatil

Learn about some tips and tools to treat your business like a business, not a hobby. Covering topics like the power of attitude, setting parameters, goal setting, and boundaries.

“Hitting the ceiling”

Julie George

Business Advisor, Entrepreneur Fund

Hitting the ceiling is when you, and/or your business stop growing. It’s a feeling of being stuck, overwhelmed, and frustrated. You normally scratch your head and ask, “What happened?” This is actually a good sign because all entities that grow go through growing pains, and hitting the ceiling is a growing pain. While this is scientific, breaking through the ceiling is also scientific. Whether or not you break through the ceiling is in direct proportion to your ability to master certain disciplines. Learn these disciplines and start taking control of your business!


OCTOBER 9TH - 11TH, 2018